• Hot Drinks Delight
    Hot Drinks Delight
    Come and enjoy a cup of nourishing hot drink at Serenade Lounge this afternoon. Relax yourself with lazy sunshine and elegant piano music.
  • Roasted Delight
    Roasted Delight
    Cheena offers Roasted Fish of different flavors. Join us and re-awake your senses amidst this beautiful feast.
  • Have a Delicious Break
    Have a Delicious Break
    Get a delicious break at Serenade Lounge with our Chef's recommendation, including Beef Patty with Hong Kong Style Pineapple Bun and Appetizing Burritos.
  • Spicy Shrimps and Crabs
    Spicy Shrimps and Crabs
    Cheena now offers the enticing dish "Spicy Crabs and Shrimps". The aromatic ingredients will surely leave you an addictive numbing sensation!
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