• Hot Drinks To Keep You Warm
    Hot Drinks To Keep You Warm
    Sonata Western Restaurant offers 3 healthy hot drinks to help you beat the winter blues, from Chinese Herbal Tea with jujube and longan, Snow Pear Drink with papaw to " Eight Treasures Tea". Enjoy y...
  • Seafood Congee Promotion
    Seafood Congee Promotion
    Celebrate winter in a healthy style at Cheena with several nourishing Congees including Shunde fish Congee, shrimp and Millet Congee and many more!
  • Rosedale Wedding
    Rosedale  Wedding
    Located at 4th floor, our spacious banquet and function rooms can accommodate up to 600 guests. We offer you both Chinese and Western-style wedding to cater your n...
  • Lamb Spine Hot Pot
    Lamb Spine Hot Pot
    Do you want to escape from a dreadful winter? Our lamb spine hot pot from Cheena is your perfect remedy! Join us and awake your senses by this tempting warmth.
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