• Autumn and Winter Hot Drinks
    Autumn and Winter Hot Drinks
    We prepare 3 healthy hot drinks which help with your digestion, boost your immunity to keep you warm and cozy during the bitter winter months.
  • Autumn Shrimp Feast
    Autumn Shrimp Feast
    Fresh shrimps have a soft and tender texture and are rich in protein, vitamin A, as well as a wide range of trace elements. 
  • 2018 Rosedale Christmas Dinner Party
    2018 Rosedale Christmas Dinner Party
    Join us to celebrate your Christmas!  Rosedale's Christmas party offers an array of delicious cusines, professional      entertainment show, lucky draw to win super gifts and man...
  • Matcha Afternoon Tea
    Matcha Afternoon Tea
    As a food lover, vibrantly-colored and fresh-tasting Matcha treats are going to become your season's favorite! Sonata launching Matcha desserts including delectable Matcha rolls, Matcha mousse ...
  • Perfect Wedding in Rosedale
    Perfect Wedding in Rosedale
    With an elegant banquet hall, professional wedding preparations and celebrity-style butler service, we offer you only the best of Chinese and Western-style wedding to cater to your different needs s...
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